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Protecting Your Parental Rights And Advocating For You And Your Children

If you are a parent, you have the right to spend time with your children and support their well-being. Whether you are facing divorce, are a biological parent who would like to be a part of your child’s life or a grandparent seeking custody, having the opportunity to support your child is something Minutelli Law Office believes in.

Indeed, from our offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we are dedicated to helping parents in legal matters involving parental rights, including parenting time (child custody), support and visitation.

Custody And Visitation Are Personal

We understand how important your children are to your family. Our attorney, Steven J. Minutelli, will work with you personally from start to finish and help you understand what your rights are — and how we can make sure they are maintained. Each case is unique, and Mr. Minutelli will only act in your best interest and the best interests of your children.

Cases like these can become contested all too easily. Our lawyer will be ready to lead you through mediation or even litigation to get the custody or visitation schedule you deserve.

Let Us Handle Child Support

One parent will not be put in a financially unstable situation in order to pay child support. Child support is based on the incomes of both parents. Mr. Minutelli will handle everything in these proceedings and ensure the payments are fair while also providing the proper support for your child.

Contact Our Office

Your children deserve the care and support from equitable custody, visitation and support arrangements. We are here to ensure your voice is heard and to advocate for you and your children through these situations. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 603-294-1664 to get started. You can also send an email.

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